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Safer Communities CIC

The work of a fire and rescue service is not just about responding to fires and other emergencies. It’s about working with partner agencies and the community to help prevent them happening in the first place. The Service is at the forefront of fire services in this country in exploring new and innovative ways to meet today’s challenges and the idea of a CIC was seen as a great opportunity.


Making sure Staffordshire’s communities are safer.


Safer Communities CIC purpose is to work with partners and our communities to provide innovative opportunities to improve health, well being and safety across the county.


  • To work with partners to deliver initiatives which aim to improve health, safety and wellbeing.

  • Use our asset locked funds to support partners to deliver projects which align with the vision and purpose of Safer Communities CIC.

  • To build a sustainable business by accessing grants, contracts and business opportunities.


  • We are approachable, open-minded, trustworthy, value diversity and inclusion.

  • We are non-judgemental and focus on the potential in each other and our communities.

  • We lead by example and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

  • We are empowering and enable positive change.

  • We are passionate and committed to supporting the safety of every individual within Staffordshire.

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