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Patrick grew up in Liverpool and was badly bullied. When walking home from school he would be picked on and have stones thrown at him. He was isolated and dropped out of schools with few qualifications and little opportunity. He went on a few training courses, but became depressed and unable to motivate himself to do anything. The years then went by.

He then moved to Stafford with his partner Amy and moved into her parents’ house. Patrick spent weeks and weeks applying for 100’s of jobs, but got rejected without an opportunity for an interview. He felt worthless and embarrassed that his partner and her family were paying for everything. He had no friends of his own and felt ready to give up on life.

His friend told him about the Team programme and Patrick anxiously came along to the Fire Station to talk about what could be done. He settled in and quickly found that the programme was helping him to feel more motivated and focused with what he wanted both emotionally and professionally.

He had a fantastic work placement with the technicians at Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service where he build up a lot of confidence especially when working with new people. He used this new found confidence to make the most out of the interview practice and CV Building workshops.
In Week 10, Patrick was successful in getting an interview with Yates’ Bar in Stafford. When he went to the interview he found out that the person who did the interview had also been on a Prince’s Trust Team programme. He did such a good interview that he was then offered a full time job there a then … his first job in years.

He has now moved into a new place with his girlfriend and can start his life properly.
Patrick said “The Team programme has made the biggest impact on my life, it was tailor made for me. The Staff really cared about everyone on the course and wanted the best for them. I still feel anxious, but it’s now manageable and so I can do something productive about it. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t found this course.”

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