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Safer Communities CIC

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service have several Community Fire Stations which offer free community facilities such as meeting rooms and gyms. These can be used by community groups which focus on areas such as tackling social isolation, community activities that focus on areas such as health, education, housing and employment and crime and disorder.

What is the Safer Communities Pledge?

The Safer Communities Pledge is a customer pay back scheme for people who use the free facilities at their local Community Fire Station.

We are asking for a little bit in return for free room hire. It won’t cost you a penny – just a little imagination and time.


What are we trying to achieve?

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service not only work hard to make people safe from fire and on our roads but working with other organisations and our local communities to make Staffordshire the safest place to live, work and visit. That is why we offer free facilities to those who are also helping us along the way!

We want to encourage all of the groups who use our free facilities to contribute to the Safer Communities Pledge and one or more of the following objectives;

  • Staffordshire will have a thriving economy
  • Staffordshire will be a safe, healthy and aspirational place to live

By introducing the Safer Communities Pledge we are not only making it easier for you to help the community where you live but will encourage you every step of the way by giving your ideas, advice and suggesting practical ways in which you can do it.

How can I get involved?

It could be as simple as sharing something you’ve learnt during your visit to the station, with a neighbour, volunteering a couple of hours a month to do a “meet and greet” or by sharing the latest safety information with your community group.

For those that want to get more involved and have a little more time to spare you could join our volunteer’s scheme. All you need is 4 free hours a month and you could become a valuable ambassador for your local station by becoming a Community Advocate. This would involve booking Home Fire Risk Checks, giving fire safety talks to groups, getting to know the people who use the rooms and asking for their feedback and many more exciting opportunities.

When you make a booking at your local Community Fire Station someone from our Safer Communities CIC will contact to discuss how you think you and your group would like to get involved (if you don’t know how then don’t worry – we can help you come up with some ideas).


Want to know more or get in touch?

We will be more than happy to take any questions, comments or feedback. For more information on the Safer Communities Pledge, please contact us on;

Telephone; 01785 898 516
Email; safercommunitiescic@staffordshirefire.gov.uk

For more information on free community rooms in Staffordshire Community Fire Stations, please contact us on;

Telephone; 08451 221 155
Website; www.staffordshirefire.gov.uk