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We believe that young people are full of potential and want to help them unlock this and determine their own future. The Fairbridge programme is the first step on this path for young people who need support and the opportunity to build their confidence, communication, and employability skills. Or simply need a little motivation or guidance with their next steps. It’s for those aged 16-25 who are not currently working over 16hrs per week, or are not in full time education or training.

It’s completely FREE, doesn’t affect your benefits and travel expenses and lunch are provided. The first week is a 5-day access course, including a residential trip with adventurous activities and you also receive a personal development qualification to add to your CV. You then have the opportunity to take part in 10 follow on sessions over 4 weeks, which include activities such as wheelchair basketball, stop start animation, cooking, photography, outdoor activities, and life skills training such as money management, career planning or presentation skills.

The Staff here are committed to creating a relaxed and non-judgemental environment and you’ll receive regular one to one support to help you identify and achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Please message the programme leader Sam on 07528 983152 or samantha.green@staffordshirefire.gov.uk for more information, to register your interest or if you know somebody else who could benefit.

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