Children & Young People

Safer Communities CIC gets involved in lots of work with children and young people. We are proud of our partnership with the Prince’s Trust.

Some of our staff specialize in the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) and we can deliver bespoke workshops to children and young people in these subjects.

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Chloe is 17years old

Before the programme Chloe admits that she was out of control getting into fights being the BULLY at school, due to Chloe’s behaviour she was expelled from school and sent to a behavioural unit. Life for Chloe at home was strained with the family, especially mom our relationship was at its lowest . I wasn’t a nice person to be around and didn’t like being told what to do.

Chloe’s decision to change came when she was at a meeting with Jo from Entrust and was told about the Princes Trust programme running from Tamworth Community Fire Station. A meeting was set up with Sharron the Programme Leader, Chloe was intrigued and decided to give it a go.
Chloe stated that she was amazed and really liked it, finally she could see a future for herself. Despite only having been there for three weeks, she feels she has changed becoming less angry and more motivated, her relationship with family and mom is now FANTASTIC.

Chloe was asked to do this case study by Sharron, to talk about her journey wanting to help others who are in or have been in her situation……. And YOU can change for the better.
So watch this space….

Connor is 17 years old

Before the Programme Connor had been at home just hidden away in his room sleeping and generally not doing anything, in total he had not been out of the house for 13 weeks. Connor suffers from Muscular dystrophy which is a weakening of the muscles he suffers with seizure tremors which have a significant impact on his day to day activities. Connor admits that relationships at home a fraught and has felt really down and depressed.

Connors friend was already on this programme and he persuaded Connor to join, which he did although Connor is unable to attend everyday due to his medical condition, he bravely attends 3 times a week. Now having just completed residential, and boy did he make an impact! He even arranged and cooked a BBQ for the Team (watch out Gordon Ramsay), for this everyone applauded him, Connor said that he was overwhelmed by this experience.

Connor is determined to finish the programme and hopefully get into work in the future.

Well done Connor you’re a star!