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19-year-old Olivia Lucas joined Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service in February 2019, as the Staffordshire Youth Commission’s Project Coordinator. Olivia had previously assisted with communications and coordinated the project with another social enterprise and she was ecstatic to be able to continue her role with Safer Communities CIC, while learning new skills and refining the Youth Commission for its third year.

Olivia also studies full-time at Staffordshire University and is in her second year of the undergraduate BA (hons) Journalism course offered at the Stoke-on-Trent campus. She loves to read, write and follow up on stories, and enjoys producing articles for print and radio and TV packages for broadcast on StaffsLive.

In her spare time, Olivia enjoys driving her two classic Vauxhall cars. She also likes to shop, practise her make-up and travel to hot places. Most of all, Olivia loves to spend time with her huge family, especially her Dad and her beautiful nieces. Olivia is passionate about making her home county of Staffordshire a better place, by helping one young person at a time.