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Here is a little something about Jordan Calow who has just graduated from Team 15 at Stafford…

Jordan came to us with bags of potential but with his confidence seriously knocked. His self esteem was through the floor and was experiencing high levels of anxiety. He started out very shy with us and the other students and seemed capable of so much. He had worked before but had been made redundant. He had been in a relationship but that had fallen apart. He had wanted to go to university but didn’t have the prerequisite qualifications in English and Maths. He had begun to feel adrift and lost and really quite low. He was struggling with his future.

Jordan is a lovely young man. Well mannered and articulate. He is witty and funny and really patient and caring. He has gone the entirety of his life in education without the much needed diagnosis of Dyslexia and, as a result, has been held back and has not hit the desired results. He was declined the opportunity to be in higher sets at school, despite begging to be, as he wanted to study with other like minded students that were willing to engage and learn.

Jordan came to us to change his life around. To take me up on my offer of support and guidance and meaningful results, as long as he maintained his attendance and engagement. We have progressed through the one to one process, gradually narrowing down a direction for him and honing his pre-existing skill sets in order for him to once again achieve and progress.

We managed to get him to the point where he was willing to have one more try for a place at University through clearing. This has been quite a process. As before, once again, he had been more or less declined on the basis that he didn’t have the qualifications even though he was now 21 and a mature student. I spoke to the admissions office management on Jordan’s behalf and wrote to them to appeal to them and advocate for him as an individual.
The result was that he was accepted! An unconditional offer to study a degree in Real Estate with a Foundation year at The Royal Agricultural University. What a result!!!

He is over the moon and I am so proud of him and his resolve to have difficult communications with these professionals and to face up to potential rejection and have to possibly reconsider his entire future AGAIN.
Well, now he will embark on the journey of his choosing and has earnt every right to be on that journey. The growth he has shown during those twelve weeks has been an honour to witness.
Alec Voss, Team Leader Stafford