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Last week (Tuesday 3rd April 2018) started with the devastating news that Chadsmoor Family Centre had been broken into by vandals and had destroyed the garden that Cannock Team 2 had been working on for their Community Project.

The students were angry. After all they were victims of a crime along with the centre.

Their Anger led to Frustration that led to disappointment.

At this point most of us would just grumble and tell the world what had happened on social media or to friends and family.

Not for Cannock Team 2.

Determination for change then followed next.

By the end of the week they were planning a video to help raise awareness of what happened to the community of Cannock and beyond.

This will be shared on the website in the coming weeks. It will be completed by the end of their Prince’s Trust Team programme.

We are so proud to be working with our students on this. They are now standing on a new platform where they are working to help change the community positively. They are also standing up for young people who are quite often stereotyped and stigmatised by anti-social behaviour when it occurs. They are showing that it has no place in their community. They want their community to thrive and prosper.

We need the community to react to this incident. We need the community to be determined to respond.

If you see or hear something don’t turn away and cover your eyes and ears. Report it.

999 emergency police number:

101 Police non-emergency number:

Crime Stoppers:

(Express and Star newspaper)

The Prince’s Trust Team programme in Cannock is funded by The National Lottery and The European Social Fund.
James Hettihewa-Young (Prince's Trust Delivery Partner Manager)
Hey guys, it’s Stafford Team 11 here!

We’ve just got back from Beaudesert outdoor activity centre, and it was a blast! Our first challenge was finding the campsite, as the Sat Navs had a habit of getting lost along the way. Once we’d arrived and unpacked, however, we didn’t waste any more time in getting stuck into the exciting activities!

On Tuesday, we started off with Archery; Richard was our Robin Hood and managed to avoid getting hit by any loose arrows! Then, braving snow showers, we attempted Jacob’s Ladder. The weather made it extra challenging, but we still managed to make it to the top.

Wednesday’s first activity was Air Rifle Shooting, where Liam “The Terminator” used his aim hacks to get an impossibly high score! Afterwards we faced the elements again to build prime real estate forest shelters fit for the Queen (or at least some forest pixies!). Fire lighting was less successful; we tried our best to get some sparks to fly but the weather just wasn’t having any of it.

A descent into a quarry marked the beginning of Thursday, where we completed the Via Ferrata course (cliff climbing to you and me). It looked a little dangerous, but Ryan, Emma and Sian still managed to get to the end safely (well done guys!). In the afternoon we all embraced our inner Viking during the Axe Throwing, and we even emerged without a single lost finger for the trouble; Ragnar would be proud!

By Friday morning we were all tired out, but just about managed to pack everything back up into the minibus and head back to Stafford Fire Station for some well-earned rest! What an exciting end to an exciting week; we would recommend this experience to all thrill-seekers and adventurers!


Stafford Team 11

Team 11 Stafford Sian Osbourne
John Gorton – Stoke-on-Trent

Before joining the Get Started programme in Stafford, John spent all of his days bored and frustrated inside the house after his application to join the Navy was turned down due to medical reasons. This had left him struggling to see any opportunities in life; it was a big confidence knock as it had been all he had ever wanted to do.
This was until he saw an advert for the Get Started in Racing Cars programme on Facebook, sparking his interest because it would be hands on, resulting in a qualification that could be developed further into an engineering career. Whilst at the same time also offering him the opportunity to get out of the house and start socialising with people again.
After joining John made new friends, he found that his motivation increased and he felt like he had a purpose.
John said: “I was so proud when the car was built. I loved reading the diagrams and building the car. I found it was something I could do and also something that I really enjoyed.”
John then progressed on to the Prince’s Trust Team programme, where he continued to develop his skills, gaining a work placement within The Bassett’s Group, Fleet Operations Department. John has since been interviewed for an apprenticeship within The Bassett’s Group and is awaiting the outcome.
In a relatively short period John has begun to feel like a different person, believing in himself and what he can achieve, making a difference for a better future for himself.
Following John’s success his mother wrote to the Prince’s Trust, thanking them for their work and explaining how this initial programme set John on a new path. She states that she would recommend the Prince’s Trust to anyone who is struggling, or in need of a confidence boost and wants to develop their interview techniques.
In the spirit of a New Year, in January at our Young Carers Hub Clubs we ran a Yoga and Wellbeing session with some wonderful teachers from Sky Blue Yoga.
To start our session we enjoyed some mindful colouring helping to ease away the day, alongside breathing exercises discussing how all of this can help us feel calm and grounded. We then began the yoga poses (asanas), doing Sun salutations then adding into our flow the warrior poses. Following on from this we practiced stan...ding postures eg: The tree, triangle, warrior 3, using these to create partner poses. Whilst we discovered that the partner ‘boat’ was a fun one to do!
We appreciate that many of the young people we work with, have difficulty in getting to sleep; so we followed on our session with a guided meditation which included either visualisation, body scan or focusing on our senses to help the body relax and sleep. Finishing with fun games ‘toe-ga’ and ‘wink yoga’.
These were lovely sessions, which the young carers took part in well and really enjoyed. We’d like to thank Claire and Sarah from Sky Blue Yoga for all their hard work
Patrick grew up in Liverpool and was badly bullied. When walking home from school he would be picked on and have stones thrown at him. He was isolated and dropped out of schools with few qualifications and little opportunity. He went on a few training courses, but became depressed and unable to motivate himself to do anything. The years then went by.

He then moved to Stafford with his partner Amy and moved into her parents’ house. Patrick spent weeks and weeks applying for 100’s of jobs, but got rejected without an opportunity for an interview. He felt worthless and embarrassed that his partner and her family were paying for everything. He had no friends of his own and felt ready to give up on life.

His friend told him about the Team programme and Patrick anxiously came along to the Fire Station to talk about what could be done. He settled in and quickly found that the programme was helping him to feel more motivated and focused with what he wanted both emotionally and professionally.

He had a fantastic work placement with the technicians at Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service where he build up a lot of confidence especially when working with new people. He used this new found confidence to make the most out of the interview practice and CV Building workshops.
In Week 10, Patrick was successful in getting an interview with Yates’ Bar in Stafford. When he went to the interview he found out that the person who did the interview had also been on a Prince’s Trust Team programme. He did such a good interview that he was then offered a full time job there a then … his first job in years.

He has now moved into a new place with his girlfriend and can start his life properly.
Patrick said “The Team programme has made the biggest impact on my life, it was tailor made for me. The Staff really cared about everyone on the course and wanted the best for them. I still feel anxious, but it’s now manageable and so I can do something productive about it. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t found this course.”

To sign up to our next courses starting on 5 Feb 2018 call us on 01785 898 516
Kind-hearted members of The Prince’s Trust ‘Team’ programme, run in partnership with Safer Communities CIC and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, have been busy preparing a new sensory garden for school children.

"After visiting the children at Marshlands Primary School the young people chose to work on a project for them as they wanted to help give them an interesting outdoor environment that would enrich their time at school."

Prince’s Trust Delivery Partner Manager James Hettihewa-Young
The programme saw 10 young people set about fundraising cash to buy materials and then spent eight days working on the project at Marshlands Primary School in Stafford.

They raised £302 for the project by holding cake sales at Staffordshire Police and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service headquarters, and took part in bag-packing for customers at Asda in Stafford.

The community project’s theme was based on the children’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt outdoor sensory garden for pupils to enjoy. The area is designed to give children with special educational needs a safe place to enjoy and explore the great outdoors.

The team spent time clearing an area at the school and digging the area. They painted and installed colourful fence panels, painted picnic tables and tyres to be used as planters, and installed a We’re Going on a Bear Hunt storyboard for the children.

Prince’s Trust Delivery Partner Manager James Hettihewa-Young said: “After visiting the children at Marshlands Primary School the young people chose to work on a project for them as they wanted to help give them an interesting outdoor environment that would enrich their time at school.
“They put a lot of effort into organising their fundraising events and we are delighted that they managed to raise an impressive £302 as a result.
“We are optimistic that the foundation work carried out on the sensory area by participants on the Team programme will make a really positive difference to the children when they return to school in September.”

Kim Ellis, Head teacher at Marshlands, said: “Marshlands are delighted to have had the support from The Prince’s Trust with regard to our Bear Hunt sensory trail.

“The volunteers have worked tirelessly painting fences and clearing the areas. The Bear Hunt sensory trail will enable pupils with special educational needs to explore a sensory walk through a forest, grass and mud.

“We are hoping to complete the project by September 2017 and thank the volunteers from The Prince’s Trust for their hard work and commitment to our project.”
We are recruiting for Stafford Team 9!! We start on Monday 5th June, but you have until the 9th June to sign up with us!! The programme is delivered at Stafford Fire Station, Beaconside, ST18 0DD. To register interest, please text/ call James on 07971893253

About the programme:
The Prince’s Trust Team programme helps develop unemployed young people aged 16-25 back into education, employment or training.

The programme runs over 12 weeks (60 days) where each person will:
Take on a group community project, making a positive difference to the place where they live
Take part in an action packed residential trip
Get two weeks work experience in something they are interested in
Develop English and Maths skills
As part of the course, we also spend some time developing interview and CV skills to ensure confidence is sky-high for when taking the next step. Some of the others skills that they will aim to develop in are teamwork, meeting new people/ making new friends and confidence/ self-esteem building.

All of this is achieved through an accredited qualification: The Prince’s Trust Award or Certificate in Employability, Teamwork and Community Skills at either Entry 3, Level 1 or Level 2.

Safer Communities CIC/ Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service has been in a delivery partnership with The Prince’s Trust for over three years and has helped develop and transform over 300 lives.

Young people quotes for the Team programme include:
“This course has opened lots of doors for me and I know where I want to go in life. I’ve made lots of great new friends too!”

“it has been an amazing experience!!”

“Helped me pull through my depression”

“I came to this course with no qualifications and this course has turned my life around!!”
Safer Communities Community Interest Company (CIC), in partnership with Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service and The Prince’s Trust, are extending their successful Team programme after securing funding via the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) programme through the lead organisation Step to Work (Walsall) Limited’s Evolve project.

"Competition to gain employment is very tough which is why we are keen to support young people in having the best possible chance to secure a job and a brighter future for themselves. The aim of the course is to give people the opportunity to gain qualifications, experience a working routine and boost their confidence and social skills."
James Hettihewa-Young, Safer Communities Prince’s Trust Delivery Partner Manager

The £144,000 of funding, which is provided by the Big Lottery Fund and European Social Fund, is matched by the BBO to projects which help unemployed adults gain the confidence and skills they need to get into work or training.

Earlier this year the CIC made an application to BBO for the funding so that they could extend the provision of the Prince’s Trust Team programme in additional areas.

The programme enables 16-25-year-olds to develop their communication, leadership and teamwork skills through outdoor activities and community-based projects over a 12 week period. To date, it has only been run in Stafford but this funding will allow it to be delivered in Cannock and Tamworth.

Over the course of the next two and a half years five courses will be delivered, allowing up to 75 young people to take part in a residential week away, complete a two-week work placement and get involved in a project to help their local community. The Team Programme is ideal for those who want to improve their confidence and get back into education or employment.

At the end of the programme they will receive the nationally recognised Prince’s Trust Certificate in Employment, Teamwork and Community Skills.

James Hettihewa-Young, Safer Communities Prince’s Trust Delivery Partner Manager, said: "We are delighted to have secured this funding, which will allow us to provide the programme to young people in Cannock and Tamworth.

“Our previous courses in Stafford have been very well received by 120 young people through eight programmes and we’ve had some very positive feedback.
This week the Team4 group spend the week away – trying new things and learning how to work with others. It is a great chance for them all to break away from their current situation, form a close bond within the group and expand on some of their skills.

This time they went completed their residential at Beaudesert Park in Cannock. The Team enjoyed getting involved in challenges such as air rifle shooting, archery and Pedal Go Karts. Activities such as Raft Building and Jacobs’s ladder allowed them to learn how to communicate with each other and work as a team.

We are always recruiting for our Free 12 week Prince’s Trust Team Programme: