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This is Megan, she is 24 years old and before joining the programme she felt that life wasn’t heading in the right direction for her as her mental health held her back. She was lacking in motivation and her self- confidence was seemingly non-existent.

On my initial meeting with Megan, she found it difficult to open up and hid away under the layers of clothing that she had on and I knew this to be her comfort blanket. Megan struggled to feel a part of the team and kept mostly to herself.

However, day by day, week by week, Megan began to open up and engage with the group and we could see a butterfly emerging. Megan was given the opportunity on residential to put her culinary skills to the test, and boy did she excel in this. She created some amazing meals and this was Megan’s way to express her creativity, inspiring others to have a go for their future independence. This wasn’t easy for Megan as she had to overcome many issues on residential but she came out on the other side. Well done Megan!

Megan began to create a sense of belonging in the group as she felt that the others listened and looked up to her as she was a lot older than them.

Megan even took it upon herself to help a few people enroll at the job centre for their universal credit, using her free time, effort and compassion for the others which I feel is just incredible.

Alongside this, she has been applying for jobs and has even successfully got herself a part time job working in a bar! She feels immensely proud and so do her grandparents who have seen such a huge change since joining the programme.

Megan has amazed us, but, most importantly, she has amazed herself in achieving what she thought was the impossible.

Words by Megan
Megan says that this programme has helped her with her mental health and well-being her relationship with her grandparents has got stronger, they have even commented to Megan that they have seen such a positive change in her as not seen for years.
Megan’s advice to anyone wanting to join the programme, is GO FOR IT ! Look how far I have come.

Megan you’re amazing I knew you could do it … One very proud programme leader….
Sharron Finch, Prince Trust Programme Leader Tamworth (Mercia)