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Another fantastic scheme introduced with the Prince’s Trust Team Programme members, in conjunction with Staffordshire Police and Cycle-R.

Cycle-R is a registered charity based in the centre of Cannock, Staffordshire. The purpose of Cycle-R is fourfold:
Through recycling donated bikes, they provide training, qualifications and work experience to long-term unemployed and youth groups of various types with the aim of actually getting them back to work.
They provide low-cost, high quality refurbished bikes to low-income families and persons who may need them.
They encourage cycling as a sport around Cannock, including the provision and maintenance of facilities for bicycling in and around Cannock. They support the ecology of Cannock Chase by providing recycling facilities for items that would otherwise be scrapped. They sell these bikes and spares, as well as running a maintenance service, from our shop in High Green Court.

Staffordshire Police will, in the future donate cycles to young people on the Stafford Prince’s Trust Team Programme and help to provide maintenance training for the young people and road safety training.

Five of the young people chose to have a cycle rather than bus fare to enable them to get to the Prince’s Trust Team programme. At the end of the programme the young people can keep their bike which will allow them to travel further afield in their search for work.

This scheme has so many positive outcomes for the young people concerned. It helps them with low cost travel for the future. It is a fantastic way to get fit and stay fit. It encourages endorphins to be produced which help with feeling positive and happy and combat depression and negative thinking.

This is a forward thinking inclusive programme involving Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, The Prince’s Trust, Staffordshire Police Force and local charitable organisations.
Author: Andrew Boyle