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As the Prince’s Trust Team Leader, I feel that we must work holistically with the young people that we come into contact with. Team is not only about growing as an individual and learning to take responsibility, it’s about looking at all of the areas that you’re not happy with and making changes. This needs to be done over time and many of the young people that we work find this difficult and overwhelming.

The Team programme helps them to look at education, physical and mental health and lifestyle choices. We work with the students in one to ones in order to set goals that are realistic and timely, often utilising local agencies that can offer targeted support. This process makes it less overwhelming and more manageable for the young person.

Many of the young people that we work with have poor self-image which affects their confidence and ability to make and keep close friends.

I approached Slimming World and enquired to see if they could deliver a session for our young people around healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle changes. Jackie, a local Slimming World consultant, was more than happy to talk to our young people, and she even provided several different home cooked meals for the students to try. She took the time to explain how eating healthy can be done on a budget, which is often a concern of the young people.

Two of our students have taken her advice and decided to make a change. One young person decided that they’d prefer to exercise and so far has lost 8lbs using a push bike to travel on rather the bus. The other young person joined Slimming World and has now lost 12lb in two weeks and is feeling fantastic.

As a Team Leader, it is incredible to see the change in the young people as they start to make positive changes in their lives.
Author: Andrew Boyle