Children & Young People

Safer Communities CIC gets involved in lots of work with children and young people. We are proud of our partnership with the Prince’s Trust.

Some of our staff specialize in the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) and we can deliver bespoke workshops to children and young people in these subjects.

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Hey guys, it’s Stafford Team 11 here!

We’ve just got back from Beaudesert outdoor activity centre, and it was a blast! Our first challenge was finding the campsite, as the Sat Navs had a habit of getting lost along the way. Once we’d arrived and unpacked, however, we didn’t waste any more time in getting stuck into the exciting activities!

On Tuesday, we started off with Archery; Richard was our Robin Hood and managed to avoid getting hit by any loose arrows! Then, braving snow showers, we attempted Jacob’s Ladder. The weather made it extra challenging, but we still managed to make it to the top.

Wednesday’s first activity was Air Rifle Shooting, where Liam “The Terminator” used his aim hacks to get an impossibly high score! Afterwards we faced the elements again to build prime real estate forest shelters fit for the Queen (or at least some forest pixies!). Fire lighting was less successful; we tried our best to get some sparks to fly but the weather just wasn’t having any of it.

A descent into a quarry marked the beginning of Thursday, where we completed the Via Ferrata course (cliff climbing to you and me). It looked a little dangerous, but Ryan, Emma and Sian still managed to get to the end safely (well done guys!). In the afternoon we all embraced our inner Viking during the Axe Throwing, and we even emerged without a single lost finger for the trouble; Ragnar would be proud!

By Friday morning we were all tired out, but just about managed to pack everything back up into the minibus and head back to Stafford Fire Station for some well-earned rest! What an exciting end to an exciting week; we would recommend this experience to all thrill-seekers and adventurers!


Stafford Team 11

Team 11 Stafford Sian Osbourne