Children & Young People

Safer Communities CIC gets involved in lots of work with children and young people. We are proud of our partnership with the Prince’s Trust.

Some of our staff specialize in the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) and we can deliver bespoke workshops to children and young people in these subjects.

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.............. Once upon a time, 13 members of Stafford Team 15 set off for residential to Beaudesert. It rained heavily when we arrived and we had to spend half an hour in the chapel whilst we were waiting for our Lodge to be ready. Once our accommodation was ready, we dropped off our belongings and went to the first activity which was Aerial Runway. This was a huge challenge for some of the Team as it involved heights and taking a leap of faith. Will was super brave and used his phone to record his journey on the zipline! We followed this up with Archery, and we played “Knock Out” which was really competitive! We finished the day off with Jacob’s Ladder and Crate Stacking which showed some amazing teamwork and we helped each other to climb higher. In the evening, we played Poker and UNO both of which were very competitive. For our dinner, we had a delicious Korma and Tikka Masala with plenty of poppadoms.

On the second day, surprise surprise the rain continued but we gained two more of our fabulous Team! We did some more exciting activities such as Eliminator, Abseiling, Fire Lighting, Air Rifles and last but not least, the Caving Simulator which made everyone filthy. After some much needed showers, the cooking crew got started on making Cottage Pie which was very tasty except for a lack of potatoes! Just kidding, it worked out absolutely fine and we all had plenty to eat. After the meal, we were going to go on a ghost hunt but unfortunately most people got too scared so we didn’t in the end, plus the weather was awful… After a traumatic time talking about Spirits, we decided to do something productive! We ran a couple of activities around the A-Z of fundraising and discussed these as a group. We decided that we will run a craft corner, a bake sale and a couple of competitive games. Some of us suggested on doing an Open Mic night, it’ still undecided upon – watch this space!

On the third day it didn’t rain, jokes it did a lot! This time we had to be up extra early because we were heading down to the quarry at 9:30. When we arrived, we split into two groups to do the Via Ferrata which was one of the more challenging activities. Next activity was a sensory trail which was an obstacle course that you would navigate blindfolded using only teamwork and communication. It was during this activity that one of the instructors told us about his experience with Prince’s Trust and how much it improved his life. This was really humbling to hear and kept us motivated in the terrible weather! Then we had axe throwing which we had a competition in, Adam came first, Jordan came second, Ryan came third and in fourth place came Naomi. The final outdoor activity of residential was Monkey Trees, we made some funny Team names for this such as Jaomi (Jordan and Naomi), Wathan (Nathan and William), Shaaron (Sian and Aaron), Cadam (Ciaran and Adam) and Nalec (Alec and Nicki). Our final dinner was Pasta Bake which was most people’s favourite! We got through an ENTIRE KILOGRAM OF CHEESE (and that was just Alec…) We built a campfire for our final night and tried to toast marshmallows – it sort of worked but wet wood didn’t help!

To sum it up, residential was eventful. Even though the weather didn’t stop raining, we didn’t let this dampen our spirits! We really enjoyed all of the activities and being pushed out of our comfort zones. Some of the Team conquered their fear of heights, claustrophobia, staying away from home and spending four days with people we didn’t really know. The evenings were made fun by lots of games – especially Uno!

Yours Sincerely,

Stafford Team 15

Sian Osborn, Princes Trust Assistant Team Leader