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During the summer the Staffordshire Youth Commission project coordinator, Olivia met with one of Leek's community room users Patricia Gaskell, an ex-trainer who trained Staffordshire Police and numerous other groups in topics relating to the Youth Commission’s highlighted issues, such as domestic violence, hate crime and mental health.

The partnership was secured by Denise Rowe from Safer Communities CIC, who spied an opportunity for collaboration after discussing the Youth Commission’s surveying aspect of work with Olivia, the Youth Commissions project coordinator. This led to a meeting with Patricia, Olivia and Denise resulting in Patricia making some informed recommendations for both the educational toolkit and the surveying.

As a result of this meeting Patricia is continuing to support the Youth Commission and will be attending the Youth Commission’s full group meeting in September, supporting the redesign of the educational toolkit’s lesson plans following their trial and feedback stage from Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Prince’s Trust programmes.

Overall, the partnership, as unexpected as it was, has been extremely beneficial and really supported the development of the Youth Commission’s toolkit.
Olivia Lucas, Project Co-ordinator for The Staffordshire Youth Commission