Community Projects

Safer Communities CIC gets involved in lots of community activities and initiatives across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

We specialize in delivering or supporting projects which help to make Staffs a safer, happier, healthier and nicer place to live.

So far we have supported young people through delivery of Princes Trust courses and providing Street Stadia sports activities to young people. We have also helped people to live healthier lives through the Family Food and Fun Programme and feel more connected to their local area through the Coffee Station project at Newcastle. We help Staffordshire Fire and Rescue to promote their free community facilities and have complimented this through the Safer Communities Pledge and Tamworth Community Garden.

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Last year Safer Communities CIC funded multi-sports equipment and alternative activities for the Food and Fun summer time club ran by the Port Vale Foundation Trust.

This programme provides children with games such as football and a nutritious lunch during the school holidays. As for some when the free school meals are not available, families can struggle to afford or access food that provides a balanced, healthy diet. This is alongside a number of the children also experiencing social isolation, with a lack of intellectual stimulation, that ordinarily would be provided by the school or family enrichment activities.

In the UK, it is estimated 73% of the poorest families cannot always afford to feed their children during the school holidays when the support of free school meals is withdrawn. This affects approximately 3 million children and young people across the country.

Port Vale Foundation Trust ‘Food and fun’ helped to support some of these families living in Stoke on Trent North by providing both primary and secondary school children with a free meal, football and other activities at different sites over the Easter holidays.

During the summer of 2018 a total of 509 sessions were delivered, serving 5,537 meals during the summer holiday at 22 different sites all across the city. A grand total of 1769 people attended the events, which when split covered 1309 children and 460 adults.

Sarah Minsall, Inclusion Officer for the Port Vale Foundation Trust said “Funding from Safer Communities CIC for the equipment was such a great help. Thank you for your support.”