Community Projects

Safer Communities CIC gets involved in lots of community activities and initiatives across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

We specialize in delivering or supporting projects which help to make Staffs a safer, happier, healthier and nicer place to live.

So far we have supported young people through delivery of Princes Trust courses and providing Street Stadia sports activities to young people. We have also helped people to live healthier lives through the Family Food and Fun Programme and feel more connected to their local area through the Coffee Station project at Newcastle. We help Staffordshire Fire and Rescue to promote their free community facilities and have complimented this through the Safer Communities Pledge and Tamworth Community Garden.

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Safer Communities supported a ‘Fireworks night’ to help encourage residents to attend an organised event, rather than individuals having firework displays in their own gardens.

This proved to be a huge success with over a thousand people in attendance, the community raised an additional £1,200 on the evening, with the money being put towards some outreach work done within the Bentilee community, providing hot meals for families during school holidays.

The fireworks event and the outreach work is ran with help from 20+ volunteers from within the community, giving their time to plan, set up and serve. PCSO’s were present, but there was no trouble, a great time was had by all.

We really can’t thank Safer Communities CIC enough - Emma Cartwright

Bentilee Youth Club has been running Cook and Eat (Holiday Hunger) sessions for about 2 years, this began has a result of the youth club opening in the daytime running arts and crafts classes during the school holidays, the club quickly realised that some of the young people may be hungry, so cook and eat began.

The Youth Club is working in partnership with Safer Communities, KICKS and Space who are all helping to add extra value to the Cook and Eat sessions (KICKS facilitated the cooking sessions encouraging the young people to try something different each week). One of these added values has been a climbing wall in place during the sessions, this was to help encourage a good attendance, we are delighted to report that the attendance numbers went beyond our expectations.

The wall was continually busy for the 3 hours it was there, with the young people waiting to take their turn and once completed they returned to await another go. Around the wall parents were able to sit with their young ones and enjoy the sunny weather, it was noted that some young people were reluctant to climb, so some of the Mums who were able to, climbed the wall demonstrating to the children it was OK and safe, following their example the reluctant ones tried again, this time succeeding that resulted in increasing their confidence and self-esteem, whilst the parents and young people created memories and bonded. This time was also a great opportunity to promote SPACE and our Youth Club and this could be an ideal opportunity for other resources to engage with parents and young people promoting other services available.

Whilst this was going on outside, inside the youth club other young people had, had the opportunity to prepare and cook a variety of ingredients, thus gaining knowledge and skills of food preparation. Once the food was ready to be served, the young people would come and let everyone know that the food was ready or they would bring it out for everyone to eat.

The local PCSO’s visited the wall every week when time allowed, PCSO Richard Simpson climbed the wall and became a hero with the young people around the wall.

Parents and young people’s feedback was very positive, saying that they were surprised that it was a free activity. Some of the parents brought their children every week for the full 6 weeks.

Andrew Johnston - Youth Development Worker

Bentilee in Bloom
neighbourhood secured funding from Safer Communities by applying for the ‘Wellbeing in the Community Funding Pot’. This was to enable them to purchase various wquipment that included litter pickers, hi-vis waistcoats, plant pots, seedling trays, and gloves to fit men, women and children.

This equipment enhanced the project and allows it to grow.. please take the time to read the attached document of what Bentilee in Bloom has achieved and how they continue to improve their neighbourhood… /download/25c7d578-14d2-11e9-b2f5-41a09499276a/