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Safer Communities CIC gets involved in lots of community activities and initiatives across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

We specialize in delivering or supporting projects which help to make Staffs a safer, happier, healthier and nicer place to live.

So far we have supported young people through delivery of Princes Trust courses and providing Street Stadia sports activities to young people. We have also helped people to live healthier lives through the Family Food and Fun Programme and feel more connected to their local area through the Coffee Station project at Newcastle. We help Staffordshire Fire and Rescue to promote their free community facilities and have complimented this through the Safer Communities Pledge and Tamworth Community Garden.

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Following an email received from the New Vic Theatre in Newcastle under Lyme, Safer Communities were offered an opportunity for themselves and those associated with them including the Princes Trust, community room users, volunteers, Staffordshire Youth Commission and staff to attend an engaging, interactive fun workshop.

This was as a direct result after The New Vic received from the Home Office’s Building a Stronger Britain Together (BSBT) funding for a project called RESIST (Resisting Extremist Sentiments Innovating Solutions Together) as a community based project, they are exploring what extremism means to each individual attending their workshops using interactive workshops they explored where communities believe extremism stems from and ways in which ordinary people become susceptible to these views, whilst still seeing themselves as upstanding citizens. Ultimately highlighting to communities enabling them to identify any issues and working together to find solutions.

These workshops will also then help to shape a piece of documentary theatre that will tour locally using the opinions of local people who participated, this is something ‘all’ will be welcome to come and watch free of charge.

Please take the time to read a short statement from Alec Voss, the Princes Trust Team Leader, about his experience with Stafford Team 15:

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we were arriving to take part in the session at the New Vic. I had a feeling that there may be some sort of drama involved (with it being in conjunction with a theatre company), which I personally was both enthusiastic about but also a bit wary. We had some very shy team members with us that day and I was mildly concerned that any theatrical/role play elements may go down like a lead balloon. I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised both at the approach the delivery the staff took as we were eased into proceedings with a very detailed and informative tour of the inner workings of the theatre space, including backstage and their different creative departments. I found this very interesting and so did the students as it showed the personal passions that the delivery staff had and made them more relatable.

It turned out that there were elements of drama, but it was introduced very skilfully and all members of the team seemed happy to take part and created some brilliant depictions of hidden identity through the clever use of tableaux. I was very impressed as, not only did the students get the message, but that message was delivered in a highly impactful and meaningful way.

A particular highlight for me was the button sorting exercise. In brief, the team was split into two groups and each given a huge pile of assorted buttons and trinkets, they were then asked to sort them into various categories (colour, size etc.) of their choosing. Then the groups had to assign each category an identity(something based in society or their community- so healthcare staff, the elderly, war veterans etc.) and then were asked to remove one category all together. So, basically, eliminate one sub category of society from existence. The levels of debate and moral quandary that were whipped up within the group’s discussions was amazing to behold. I will almost certainly be using this exercise myself on our programme as it is brilliant, so very powerful.

What I found really impressive overall was the subtlety with which ideas were introduced and discussed. The idea of identity and prejudice can be and is a very sensitive subject and the RESIST guys handled it beautifully leaving everyone, myself included, with a lot of food for thought. And it was loads of fun to boot! I would highly recommend them and would certainly work with them again.

Safer Communities CIC and Alec Voss, Princes Trust Team Leader